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Welcome to Precision StemCell

Precision StemCell is located in Bogota, Colombia. We use minimally invasive harvesting of fat with advanced culturing and reprogramming techniques. We have advanced image-guided injection of stem cells to place a large number of cells in the precise location needed. Our system is entirely closed, meaning the fat is harvested and stem cells are separated from the fat without ever exposing the cells to the outside environment. Stem cells are then placed into the area of damaged tissue using the most advanced imaging technology.

Precision StemCell procedures offer a viable alternative to many who are facing surgery due to an injury or are suffering from chronic pain. Our patients experience little to no down time from our procedures and avoid the painful and lengthy rehab period that usually follows surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

We understand what it means to seek a good physical quality of life and our doctor, Jason R. Williams, is focused on making positive differences in the lives of his patients through innovative stem cell treatments.